June 10, 2012

thursday night I flew up to seattle for my youngest sister chloe’s graduation.  I remember when she was born. and now she is this beautiful amazing woman! makin’ me feel old, chloe-belle. I can't believe that the next time I see her, she will have started college in new mexico. we're all crazy proud of this girl. 

also, a huuuuge plus side of this trip is that I got to see my wonderful mama. the picture below is of her entry in the ”women unadorned” exhibit by john wood. I hate living in a different state from her! ugh. but it also means that I get to visit her magical little bainbridge island home. this island is so lush and gorgeous, I think I had a hundred pictures on my phone of just trees.  

and during christmas the entire town looks like a postcard. swoon. 

 congratulations, chloe-belle! 
new mexico has no idea what it's in for...

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