July 31, 2012

arcade fire covering the magnetic fields is so moody and perfect.


July 29, 2012

these faves are brought to you by a weekend sick in bed:

our new shower head. my bathroom is officially a spa.
watching close to 20 hours of how I met your mother on netflix
chicken noodle soup and tea. can I get a HUZZAH for hot liquids??
brendan forcing / threatening me to drink water.
phone chatting with my mama.
fun giants game with cool work people. lost the game and my voice. 
(and accidentally rooted for the other team twice, oops)
this walrus workin' on his fitness
these gifs of kittens & tater tots
drinking water out of beer mug helps me cope with being sick on a saturday night.
sunday breakfast with brendan at lakeside cafe (even if I couldn't taste it)
olivia munn speaking japanese on the newsroom
alcide finally getting his sexy glory on true blood ("you wanna be my gf?")

hope you had a magical weekend!

p.s. not being able to taste my food is the most depressing thing ever. 


July 26, 2012

1 pretty vines on athens street
2 el farolito wall art
3 reppin' the old navy 2006 collection
4 yolanda, hook a girl up.

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July 25, 2012

1 postcards from italy {beirut}
2 moonriver {morrissey}
3 ceremony {new order}
4 love on top {beyonce}
5 you know I'm no good {amy winehouse}
6 friday I'm in love {the cure}
7 shake it out {florence & the machine}
8 hold on {wilson phillips}
9 all my friends {lcd soundsystem}
10 africa {toto}
and trust me on this bonus track... ;)
11 I'm not wearing underwear today {avenue q}

all songs can be found --> here.


July 23, 2012

the other night I had one of those crying in the bathroom moments where I wasn't really sure why I was upset or sad or angry or whatever I was feeling and it wasn't until I let all my mind vomit spill out on the pink tile that I was able to breathe and piece together a sentence in which I could understand what was going on inside my crazy head. 

I guess what I was upset about was that I can't scoop up everyone I love and lock them in one place, and being an adult is scary/hard/rewarding/expensive, and uncertain future-ness makes me want to hide under my covers and not come out for a while.

and brendan just sat there, and listened to me. and nodded when it was appropriate to nod and got me kleenex when I needed some. and he gave me a hug and a kiss and made me laugh at the end of all of it. and he told me that he was scared too, and that we were together and everything would be okay. and I fell a little bit more in love with him.


July 21, 2012

friday night, claire and I went out for a much needed girls night. we started with dinner at the gorgeous grand cafe, this beautiful old building that felt like something straight out of midnight in paris. ambience, yummy gnocchi, and free cocktails with our les mis tickets? yeah. won over. 

we were in and out of there in 25 minutes flat, caught a cab and miraculously made it to the orpheum 10 minutes early. claire and I are both huge les mis fans. we've spent many a late night catching the anniversary concert on pbs...because we're cool like that.

I saw this show for the first time when I was at queen mary's in london, and I became so obsessed I saw it twice. seeing it again made me miss performing sooo much. my inner musical theatre nerd was satisfied. sometimes a girl just needs to get dressed up and feel fancy, ya know? 

thanks for a magical ladies night, claire!
you have to say "faaancy" and "theataaa" the long, british exaggerated way. like andrew lloyd weber would. 


July 20, 2012

1 my new satchel finally arrived (cue happy shrieking)
2 coming home
3 rose gold glitter courtesy of claire
4 mister cute stuff

happy friday, wunderkinds!
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July 17, 2012

we were walking home after a yummy impromptu dinner with friends at broken record 
(like so many times before
and the clouds cleared to reveal this pink golden sunset. 
I've decided if it were an ice cream, it would be a push pop. 
I love coming home after a stressful day at work
and falling sleep to the sound of brendan writing
 and scribbling and writing some more.
and I love stumbling upon sunsets like these.


July 16, 2012

staying in my pajamas
not brushing my hair or putting on makeup
drinking tea
lurking pinterest (follow me, k?)
phone chatting with madeline about life / pinterest
finding banana banana bread recipe on pinterest
baking and eating banana banana bread
discovering how awesome peanut butter and said bread compliment one another
breaking bad premiere! magnets! whaaaaat!
true blood! goodbye christopher meloni, I'll always love you
the newsoom. I ship jim & maggie so hard.
getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets
my cambridge satchel gets here tomorrow!

have a good week, honeybees!

this photo is me in 1995, enjoying ice cream. another favorite thing.


July 13, 2012

1 good advertising from casey's pizza food truck.
2 sunny day in the embarcadero.
3 sofia made the most amazing banana creme pie for my birthday. 
4 ooo. pretty. red. shiny. me likey. 

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July 12, 2012

this was taken a long time ago, during brendan's "floofy" hair days. 
he's cute. I look annoyed. that's all. 
happy thursday!


July 11, 2012

proudly showcasing her little brother's nursery.
(I sneak a bite of one of kate's waffles) 
kate: mar, you like waffles?
me: yes. 
kate : (gasps) me too!!

it's so crazy to be able to have conversations with this little person!
auntie mar loves you, munchie girl.


July 10, 2012

1 totally darling wedges that look like they might actually be comfortable.
2 pretty printed skirt for work / picnic in the park.
3 this kate spade watch that I have been eyeing for months. I will make you mine.
images from here, here, & here.


July 9, 2012

our friends claire and conner (their celebrity couple name is con-air, I know, it's perfect) got a little kitten! so while brendan and I will have to postpone kitten parenthood for a few months, we can live vicariously though them. meet our kitten nephew, lil' bob. 


July 8, 2012

yesterday, our friends and family gathered at the porch for my sister's baby shower! 
and it was dee-licious. like, stupid good. 
it was so wonderful to see some of my favorite ladies,
 and spend some time with my family. 
how glowing is mary kate, the mama-to-be?

we can't wait to meet you in august, mister jack!


July 5, 2012

yup, my birthday is on the 4th of july. it's the best holiday to have a birthday on because...
1 it's not a family holiday like christmas or hanukkah, so friends are usually free.
2 it's a national holiday, so I always have it off work.
3 watermelon! hotdogs! sparklers!
4 I get fireworks. every year. just sayin'...

we started the glorious (70 degree) day with salads and soft serve at the java beach cafe, and then we  went to the san francisco zoo! we felt like the only group of adults there who didn't have children with them but we just owned it. yay, cute animals! not to mention I had super-intense eye contact (seriously, a minute long) with a gorilla. 

we finished the day off with dinner and drinks at the tipsy pig in cow hollow. I had the most amazing burger there - substituting smoked cheddar really is a game-changer. then super duper burger for spiked milkshakes, then walked to the water for fireworks. plus, we technically got three fireworks shows because we could also see sausalito's and oakland's. 

I hope everyone had a magical 4th of july!
yay america (and my birth) but also america!

p.s. look how cute the koalas are! they're snuggling while sleeping. koala lovers. 


July 3, 2012

1 fresh flowers at the market.
2 muni ride home after a saturday night with friends at parkside tavern.
3 this ridiculous photo and fresh kiwi getting my though my work week.
4 so many shoes strung up on our street. darn hooligans. 

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