July 21, 2012

friday night, claire and I went out for a much needed girls night. we started with dinner at the gorgeous grand cafe, this beautiful old building that felt like something straight out of midnight in paris. ambience, yummy gnocchi, and free cocktails with our les mis tickets? yeah. won over. 

we were in and out of there in 25 minutes flat, caught a cab and miraculously made it to the orpheum 10 minutes early. claire and I are both huge les mis fans. we've spent many a late night catching the anniversary concert on pbs...because we're cool like that.

I saw this show for the first time when I was at queen mary's in london, and I became so obsessed I saw it twice. seeing it again made me miss performing sooo much. my inner musical theatre nerd was satisfied. sometimes a girl just needs to get dressed up and feel fancy, ya know? 

thanks for a magical ladies night, claire!
you have to say "faaancy" and "theataaa" the long, british exaggerated way. like andrew lloyd weber would. 

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