July 23, 2012

the other night I had one of those crying in the bathroom moments where I wasn't really sure why I was upset or sad or angry or whatever I was feeling and it wasn't until I let all my mind vomit spill out on the pink tile that I was able to breathe and piece together a sentence in which I could understand what was going on inside my crazy head. 

I guess what I was upset about was that I can't scoop up everyone I love and lock them in one place, and being an adult is scary/hard/rewarding/expensive, and uncertain future-ness makes me want to hide under my covers and not come out for a while.

and brendan just sat there, and listened to me. and nodded when it was appropriate to nod and got me kleenex when I needed some. and he gave me a hug and a kiss and made me laugh at the end of all of it. and he told me that he was scared too, and that we were together and everything would be okay. and I fell a little bit more in love with him.

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JP said...

that's my elevator!


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