July 16, 2012

staying in my pajamas
not brushing my hair or putting on makeup
drinking tea
lurking pinterest (follow me, k?)
phone chatting with madeline about life / pinterest
finding banana banana bread recipe on pinterest
baking and eating banana banana bread
discovering how awesome peanut butter and said bread compliment one another
breaking bad premiere! magnets! whaaaaat!
true blood! goodbye christopher meloni, I'll always love you
the newsoom. I ship jim & maggie so hard.
getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets
my cambridge satchel gets here tomorrow!

have a good week, honeybees!

this photo is me in 1995, enjoying ice cream. another favorite thing.

3 reviews:

Claire said...

Merlerrr! I like your dinosaur placemat that you are eating your ice cream off of. I want some of your banana bread. This kinda spoiled True Blood for me cause I haven't watched it yet but that's okay. And OMG I WANT A CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL. I love the picture on their website that shows what you can put in your satchel. I wanna put Bumble & Bumble products and OPI in my satchel!


molly pinto said...

cluuuur! I'm sorry I ruined True Blood for you! :( and yes get a satchel and we can be satchel friends. mkay?

Claire said...

That's okay! As long as Eric/Bill/Alcide are fine, I'm fine! That satchel is amazing!

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