July 5, 2012

yup, my birthday is on the 4th of july. it's the best holiday to have a birthday on because...
1 it's not a family holiday like christmas or hanukkah, so friends are usually free.
2 it's a national holiday, so I always have it off work.
3 watermelon! hotdogs! sparklers!
4 I get fireworks. every year. just sayin'...

we started the glorious (70 degree) day with salads and soft serve at the java beach cafe, and then we  went to the san francisco zoo! we felt like the only group of adults there who didn't have children with them but we just owned it. yay, cute animals! not to mention I had super-intense eye contact (seriously, a minute long) with a gorilla. 

we finished the day off with dinner and drinks at the tipsy pig in cow hollow. I had the most amazing burger there - substituting smoked cheddar really is a game-changer. then super duper burger for spiked milkshakes, then walked to the water for fireworks. plus, we technically got three fireworks shows because we could also see sausalito's and oakland's. 

I hope everyone had a magical 4th of july!
yay america (and my birth) but also america!

p.s. look how cute the koalas are! they're snuggling while sleeping. koala lovers. 

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Unknown said...

Hello my birthday girl! I guess i need to write all in lower case just to continue the cool factor.

glad to hear you had a rad RAD birthday. if you got to pick your birthday, in my view july 4th is the best day to be born, sorry liv and chlo!

love you and love this blog


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