July 29, 2012

these faves are brought to you by a weekend sick in bed:

our new shower head. my bathroom is officially a spa.
watching close to 20 hours of how I met your mother on netflix
chicken noodle soup and tea. can I get a HUZZAH for hot liquids??
brendan forcing / threatening me to drink water.
phone chatting with my mama.
fun giants game with cool work people. lost the game and my voice. 
(and accidentally rooted for the other team twice, oops)
this walrus workin' on his fitness
these gifs of kittens & tater tots
drinking water out of beer mug helps me cope with being sick on a saturday night.
sunday breakfast with brendan at lakeside cafe (even if I couldn't taste it)
olivia munn speaking japanese on the newsroom
alcide finally getting his sexy glory on true blood ("you wanna be my gf?")

hope you had a magical weekend!

p.s. not being able to taste my food is the most depressing thing ever. 

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Unknown said...

I saw Ricola!! Yummy!! Great blog molecule!

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