August 31, 2012

1 morning errands on market street
2 pink coat day!
3 sometimes you just gotta go for the rainbow sprinkles.
4 perfect food for a cold and windy day from broken record.

I can't believe it's the last day of august. 
happy friday! enjoy your holiday weekend!

p.s. two things that are making my friday...

bob ross + happy trees + set to music = awesome.
corgi puppies + sleeping = cuteness.
and this song is preparing me for fall.

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August 29, 2012

every tuesday and thursday the ferry building hosts a farmers market where vendors from all over california come to sell their yummy goods. today's weather was (shock) sunny and clear blue skies! so naturally I had to walk over on my lunch break with a few ladies from work to get a grilled cheese from cowgirl creamery. the woman handed me my to-go bag and said, "you're going to love that grilled cheese. it's cooked perfectly." and, yeah. it was perfect. and, no. I didn't stop to take a picture of it.

one of the reasons why I love the ferry building (other than its history) is that everything smells amazing. you walk in and are immediately hit with miette's vanilla and acme's fresh bread and coffee and fresh ocean air. there are free samples galore. on a pretty day, you have a great view of the water. and while it can be touristy, it's still exciting to go as a local because there are always tours and cheese tastings and cute little kid field trips happening. not to mention I could ogle at everything at sur la table for hours. (there has to be a way for me to get all the kitchen goods I want before I get married, right?)


August 26, 2012

friday after work, we went for a burger at ziggy's
and saw the buzzed about beasts of the southern wild.
(holy crap. really hard to watch. this review sums it up quite nicely)
my daisies are still kickin', and every time I walk by them
I am reminded of how they're the friendliest flower.

tyler made fried chicken. he is the best houseguest ever...
seriously, come over ANYTIME.
saturday, we went to broken record. I know. again.
I love that brendan and I both managed to take a picture with our eyes closed.
because we're cool, I guess... 

and more lydia love! still trying to figure out if she belongs to someone.
she brought us a mouse and was very proud of herself. 
I was horrified. she's now my "little killer". 

hope you had a great weekend! enjoy your sunday evening.


August 25, 2012

we had some pretty creepy fog earlier this week. and I-don't-wanna-leave-my-house weather means we make spicy avocado chicken enchiladas. this recipe is awesome because it's relatively easy, and for twentysomethings learning how to cook (aka yours truly) it makes you feel like a boss in the kitchen.  we left the seeds in because we love spicy and we used corn tortillas instead of flour. 


August 24, 2012

1 clear enough to see the ocean from mclaren park
2 ordering iced tea from room service. it was the best iced tea ever. 
3 so long, wonky freshman-year-of-college glasses! hello, cat eyes. 
4 this picture of my sister olivia shows up when she calls me, 
along with the felicity theme song. oooo ayyy ooo
5 scored a twirly skirt from forever 21
6 pretty blue skies for my lunch date at the ferry building.

happy friday! hope your weekend is yummy. 
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August 22, 2012

last week marked my six month anniversary of living in you, san francisco. for a year and a half, you taunted me with the possibility of it. when I visited you on weekends you treated me kindly. I could swear you were whispering my name every time I came over the bridge. mollyyyyy, mooooove to meeeeeee. and so I did. I graduated college on december 17th and arrived here with a job on valentine's day. I think it's quite appropriate that our love affair began on that day, don't you?

you have taught me to wear layers, and not to mind the mist every morning. you have taught me to sanitize my hands after riding public transportation. you have taught me that my sense of direction is not a strong as I thought it was. you have taught me to jaywalk, and stand to the right of the escalator. and to never, ever, ever drive my little car up a hill ever again. 

I'm slowly realizing these are all sounding negative but I swear, these are positives. wherever I end up, I'll always remember you as my first. my first big girl job, my first postgraduate adventure. stay golden. 



August 21, 2012

this is lydia peaches. 

she appeared on our balcony a few nights ago...and the night after that...and after that...and last night. she is so sweet and happy and is a little purring machine! and we're kinda in love with her! we coaxed her into our bedroom and she made herself at home on our bed, and for 30 minutes we pretended that she was ours. 

we think she might belong to a another family in the neighborhood seeing as she's comfortable with people and seems fairly clean. but if this continues and ian (our roommate with the cat allergy) continues to well, be alive, then maybe we'll be closer to kitty parenthood then we thought! 

to be continued....meow


August 19, 2012

to enjoy properly, press play. 
I spent the majority of the weekend holed up in a room at the citizen with 6 of my favorite ladies. sometimes  a girl just needs to  watch some RomComs, drink pink champagne and eat cupcakes with her girlfriends. (and follow it all with brunch the next morning.) thank you to my magical ladies for making this weekend the little getaway I needed. we're all so busy these days with work and relationships and figuring stuff out, and I'm so glad we got to take a breather and be girls together. xo

p.s. thank you to trina for bringing the six pack of andre. you are a goddess. thank you to stef for making those scones! thank you claire for bringing the strawberry cupcakes and spice world. and thank you, kristi, for volunteering as tribute and sleeping on the floor. ;)


August 16, 2012

I'm beyond jazzed for this weekend. that's right. jazzed.
this weekend I am...
1 getting my hurr did by the sparkly and talented karli
2 having a much needed slumber party with my ladies. we got a hotel room. let the pink andre flow.
3 eating at least one and a half roast beef & brie sandwiches from cafe rolle.
4 seeing my seeester olivia, who is almost 21!
5 going to be sweating my arse off in sacramento, but then again - there will be somewhere to park.

here's to a happy friday! and looking crazy in the above photo.


August 15, 2012

we might haven stolen a menu from a neighborhood taco bell / KFC...
(I know, they have menus?!)
and we might have made a wild rice chicken casserole
that required a crap load of prep work...
and it might have turned out...just ok
isn't there a rule that all things tedious must turn out UHmazing?
pinterest - 1. molly - 0.

 brendan : did you repin that recipe?
me: no, I deleted it. I cannot support it.  
brendan : you're ruthless. I like it. 


August 12, 2012

we enjoyed some fog, and then some sunshine on sunday,
I discovered ben & jerry's s'mores ice cream,
brendan wrote in the nook,
I stayed in my pajamas,
we took in some pretty buildings downtown,
we had dinner with brendan's family at annabelle's,
and went to a giant's game on sunday!

off to marathon HBO sunday programming...
"have you ever watched sunday night programming on HBO? it's spectacular."

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