August 8, 2012

my friend lauren was in town from NYC this past week, and I just said goodbye to her on the train. we spent the last few hours talking about work and relationships and our hopes and dreams. it got me excited about the future, as uncertain and foggy as it may be right now. this grateful list was inspired by all that gabbing and complaining I've been doing lately. 


1 I'm grateful that I have awesome friends, even if they're scattered all across the country (and not in my little pocket where they belong! naughty friends!)
2 I'm grateful for my warm home & comfy bed
3 I'm grateful for my health, even if my allergies kill me every day
4 I'm grateful for brendan, who gives good eskimo kisses & snuggles
5 I'm grateful for trader joe's and their chocolate covered s'more bites
6 I'm grateful for my family whose support means everything
7 I'm grateful to the student loans lady who was nice to me on the phone
8 I'm grateful for sausage pizza
9 I'm grateful for crisp morning air
10 I'm grateful for this song that makes new beginnings seem good.

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