August 22, 2012

last week marked my six month anniversary of living in you, san francisco. for a year and a half, you taunted me with the possibility of it. when I visited you on weekends you treated me kindly. I could swear you were whispering my name every time I came over the bridge. mollyyyyy, mooooove to meeeeeee. and so I did. I graduated college on december 17th and arrived here with a job on valentine's day. I think it's quite appropriate that our love affair began on that day, don't you?

you have taught me to wear layers, and not to mind the mist every morning. you have taught me to sanitize my hands after riding public transportation. you have taught me that my sense of direction is not a strong as I thought it was. you have taught me to jaywalk, and stand to the right of the escalator. and to never, ever, ever drive my little car up a hill ever again. 

I'm slowly realizing these are all sounding negative but I swear, these are positives. wherever I end up, I'll always remember you as my first. my first big girl job, my first postgraduate adventure. stay golden. 


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