August 19, 2012

to enjoy properly, press play. 
I spent the majority of the weekend holed up in a room at the citizen with 6 of my favorite ladies. sometimes  a girl just needs to  watch some RomComs, drink pink champagne and eat cupcakes with her girlfriends. (and follow it all with brunch the next morning.) thank you to my magical ladies for making this weekend the little getaway I needed. we're all so busy these days with work and relationships and figuring stuff out, and I'm so glad we got to take a breather and be girls together. xo

p.s. thank you to trina for bringing the six pack of andre. you are a goddess. thank you to stef for making those scones! thank you claire for bringing the strawberry cupcakes and spice world. and thank you, kristi, for volunteering as tribute and sleeping on the floor. ;)

3 reviews:

Janet Mandell said...

HOW FUN!!!! I cant wait til my girlies and I go on vacay to vegas!!!! Always a FUN time. GREAT pics!!!

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Mayette Villanueva said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post with the soundtrack 10x more than I would have without it.

molly pinto said...

@Mayette, thank you for viewing this properly. I'm only looking out for the enjoyment of the greater good, here. ;)

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