August 15, 2012

we might haven stolen a menu from a neighborhood taco bell / KFC...
(I know, they have menus?!)
and we might have made a wild rice chicken casserole
that required a crap load of prep work...
and it might have turned out...just ok
isn't there a rule that all things tedious must turn out UHmazing?
pinterest - 1. molly - 0.

 brendan : did you repin that recipe?
me: no, I deleted it. I cannot support it.  
brendan : you're ruthless. I like it. 

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Marty J. Christopher said...

Have you seen all those pinterest fail websites? There's one called It's hilarious! Readers write in their pinterest inspiration and then provide a link to a blog post or a few words about their pinterest fail. It's pretty hilarious.

molly pinto said...

yes, and it's so hilarious! although tonight we put a little salsa verde and cilantro dressing on it, and it made it actually pretty good.

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