August 4, 2012

yup, you read that right.

last night we went to see the comedy bang! bang! show at the herbst theatre. after months of wandering around this city getting lost, I had a successful encounter with the san francisco public transportation system. that's right, I found my way from work to biergarten to meet brendan and jack. woo. and I can't wait to go back there when weather's a little warmer (so october).

anyway, the show was hilarious! and I'd never been to the herbst theatre, which is a beautiful venue. much higher brow than the jokes that were told that night. we split ways with jack, and got on the bus.
a guy was doing the one thing that peeves me the most on public transportation : sitting on the aisle seat and not moving to the window seat when there is clearly someone who needs to sit down. I ask him kindly to scoot over, and he responds with a slurred speech that told me he was incredibly drunk. a few seconds after I sat down in front of him he proceeded to throw up in his mouth, which resulted in me flying across the other side of the bus to avoid the overspray. which I did (for the most part) if you don't count the 10% that was sprayed on my jeans.

getting puked on in public is a very weird thing. I wasn't holding back my disgust. nearby passengers were unfazed. and the guy was so drunk he didn't even notice. so....yeah.

what a glamorous life I do lead.

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