August 26, 2012

friday after work, we went for a burger at ziggy's
and saw the buzzed about beasts of the southern wild.
(holy crap. really hard to watch. this review sums it up quite nicely)
my daisies are still kickin', and every time I walk by them
I am reminded of how they're the friendliest flower.

tyler made fried chicken. he is the best houseguest ever...
seriously, come over ANYTIME.
saturday, we went to broken record. I know. again.
I love that brendan and I both managed to take a picture with our eyes closed.
because we're cool, I guess... 

and more lydia love! still trying to figure out if she belongs to someone.
she brought us a mouse and was very proud of herself. 
I was horrified. she's now my "little killer". 

hope you had a great weekend! enjoy your sunday evening.

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