September 29, 2012

I sent my little sister chloe a care package last week, and it arrived today! don't you just love getting these? they make you feel super special. (news flash - you are.) it contained the following : 
  • emergenC (for flu season)
  • a lint roller (because you never realize you need one until you're in public covered in cat hair)
  • ibuprofen (for early mornings)
  • a san francisco shot glass (for friday nights)
  • ramen (because! college must!)
  • listerine breath strips (for running late)
  • tea (for feeling cozy)
  • ear plugs (for studying / roommates who snore)
  • adhesive hooks (for hanging stuff in her dorm)
  • a sewing kit (again, another thing you don't think you need until you do)
  • nail polish (because she and I are both having a mint obsession)
  • the dry ingredients for our mom's pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (which I made last week). 
next up is one for my friend lauren, who lives in NYC. she's sending me leaves from central park, soooo I'll have to top that somehow...

2 reviews:

Unknown said...

This is an adorable idea and I wish I could send my brother off to a different college so I could do this.

molly pinto said...

just force him to sleep outside, then make him one. haha.

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