September 26, 2012

- have a pumpkin carving party
- step on every crunchy leaf you see
- listen to cozy fall mix
- send cozy fall mix to far away friends
- go on a hayride
- watch when harry met sally, you've got mail, felicity, and annie hall. 
- make apple pie
- make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (need to do at least 3 more times)
- drink apple cider
- wear hats and mittens
- rediscover old favorite books
- try out bordeaux lipstick
- enjoy the foliage in golden gate park
- make things like this and this on indoor days
- have a bonfire with friends
- make yummy stews
- splurge on one of those expensive amazing candles that smell like fall (and it's UHmazing)
- incorporate turkey and cranberry into every meal possible
- get a "going home for thanksgiving" from ike's
- go to a little mermaid sing-along at the castro theatre
- wear really thick socks
- snuggle

as you can see, I'm working my way through... and I don't think I will ever cross off snuggling, because let's face it: there can never be too much snuggling. 

what's on your fall must list? anything I must experience? do share, dahling.

p.s. my girl Trina made one too! go swoon over it.

3 reviews:

Dana said...

I love your list! especially the pumpkin muffin and candles part :)

molly pinto said...

haha! I've never bought a $20 candle before but it was sooo worth it. ;)

Mayette Villanueva said...

omg bordeaux lipstick yes!

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