September 17, 2012

I discovered the most dangerous thing : a chocolate chip cookie recipe for one.
we moseyed around hayes valley on saturday night
enjoyed ridiculous rum creations at smuggler's cove
(strong and yummy and dangerous) am I sensing a theme here?
after all that rum we needed some food, and suppenküche hit the spot.
dumpling stuffedd chicken, potato pancakes and gravy. 
say it with me : UHmazing.
lydia hung out, as usual we were the youngest patrons of our brunch spot,
and I'm about to enjoy my grandma's meatloaf and the return of boardwalk empire!

hope your weekend was swell. happy monday!

does anyone else love lucy / paz de la huerta?
she's my favorite hot mess...

2 reviews:

Dana said...

Perfect post, I need a good a chocolate chip cookie recipe right now!

molly pinto said...

my favorite is the one on the back of the nestle tollhouse chocolate chip bag. :)

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