September 3, 2012

sunday night we met up with our good friends conner & claire 
(lil' bob's parents) for  - what else? - dinner and a movie. 
one of my favorite things. 
we went to starbelly for some chorizo fried egg pizza and jalapeno bacon spaghetti, 
and then caught a showing of vertigo at the castro theatre
I had never been, but brendan had done some volunteering
 at the silent film festival there a while back. 
being former film majors / junkies, we're suckers for old movie theaters.
 there's something about being in the building 
and seeing the organ player rise from the stage 
that reminds you of the magic of going to the movies. 
and we ended the night the only way we could...
with chocolate rum balls from the famous hot cookie.

off to bake some banana bread. enjoy your labor day holiday! 

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Dana said...

Looks like a great weekend!

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