September 7, 2012

one of the first things brendan & I did upon moving in together 
was score matching nightstands off craigslist.
 how mature of us, right? I guess that makes us grown ups or something. 
I took these to capture the rare moment in time when they're not overflowing with stuff.

on a normal day, mine is covered in jewelry, bobby pins, cups of tea, journals, my camera, chick-lit books that brendan mocks me for reading, pictures of my parents.

his has his coin jar, remote controls, headphones, comic books, 
my favorite picture of us,  novels upon novels upon novels.

4 reviews:

Marty J. Christopher said...

Ahhhh!!! We are the same way. It's nice to know that other people's nightstands are usually covered in crap. It makes me feel like less of an ass. : )

molly pinto said...

slob solidarity, my friend.

JP said...

:) favorite picture! I need to take more of y'all, I seem to be really good at capturing your love <3

molly pinto said...

JP, babe. you are sooo good. :)

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