September 24, 2012

happy autumn
neither words nor pictures can describe what a happy camper I was this weekend. 
finally, wearing sweaters and scarves and boots feels right 
(even if I've been doing that all summer). 
I could talk endlessly about my fall to-do list...
now, that's another blog post. :)

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, 
we celebrated spencer's birthday, 
we saw animal collective and danced / got our weird on,
they're one of brendan's faves and seeing him giddy like a school girl made my night.
lydia posed in a neon pink sunset, 
and we (gasp) worked out. 
we spent sunday perusing bookstores, gawking at huge
seriously, huge! white fluffy dogs
enjoyed a little gelato (biscotti for me, single malt for him)
and saw the master at the grand lake theatre
the return of joaquin phoenix in all of his intense glory.

keep it coming, fall. I like what I see. 
hope you had a glorious weekend...

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Trina said...

Oh my god, those puppies are HUGE. And I'm sorry but can we please bake something together soon?

P.S. These are great pictures of you and Brendan.

Dana said...

I'm so jealous of your weekend. Looks perfectly Fall

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Looks like an amazing weekend!

Marty J. Christopher said...

That sounds like the best weekend ever! I love Animal Collective (though I haven't seen them live in something like seven years...God that's sad when I actually do the math). My now husband and I bonded initially over Animal Collective, too, so they hold a special place in both our hearts. Winters Love (though old) is STILL one of my all-time favorite songs.

JP said...

that sandwich! Also, you guys are so flippin' adorable. I luv you too together, swoon.

molly pinto said...

@Marty - Winter's Love is one of the good ones, for sure. :) and all the old love songs are the best ones, right?

@Jax - you're a dollface. I love you! and that sandwich. we need a Cafe Rolle date next time I'm in Sac.

@Trina - yes. soon. please?

Also, hi Krysten and Dana! Thanks for saying hi. :)

Unknown said...

What did you think of The Master?!

molly pinto said...

I thought it was really good! I can totally understand how you were like, uh I need to process this. I love PTA and I thought it was such an interesting and powerful film without trying to "mean" something. you know? it just exists. and the performances were ridiculous. I couldn't blink during that entire first "processing" scene!

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