October 31, 2012

 bless you, people who know what my costume is. for those of you who don't, watch annie hall. right now. 


October 30, 2012

I try to keep it real in this little corner of the interweb.  This last month has been the hardest of my life. There have been many ups and downs and a whole lot of anxiety.  A lot of grey area. What I do know is that now I find myself to be suddenly...single. Currently watching a lot of romcoms, drinking a lot of wine, talking to my amazing girlfriends and family, and trying to remember how I got through this the first time. 

even though I feel like this right now...

I know I'll feel like this eventually.
and maybe even this, again.
all a girl can do is dream and march on. 



October 29, 2012

1 these super nachos took my monday from meh to heck yeah.
these kids having the best day ever. 
3 as usual, my mom knows my soul. it's official : I need these. 
these dogs are ready for sandy! 
5 and these animals are soooo happy to see you. 

that's all. 

p.s. thinking of my east coast lovers! stay safe!


October 26, 2012

1 I’m grateful for my future, and all it’s endless possibilities.
2 I’m grateful for that one song that you can put on when you’re in a weird place, and it makes you feel like yourself. instantly.
3 I’m grateful for the free warm buttery croissants I’ve been getting all week. (thank you, clients who don’t show for breakfast)
4 I’m grateful for my warm fall coat that hides all those free croissants.
5 I’m grateful for netflix and wireless internet.
6 I’m grateful for the love of my amazing (seriously UH-mazing) friends and family.
7 I’m grateful for that feeling when it’s freezing out and you’ve got your hot mug in between your hands and the warmth makes you all tingly.
8 I’m grateful for the san francisco giants, for making my evening commute an adventure on game nights. 
9 I’m grateful for lydia and her snuggling skills. I’d like to think that I’ve taught her well, but I think she just has great snuggle instincts.
10 and last (but not least) I'm grateful that it's FRIDAY and I have it don't have to work today. and that I get too see my cute littles this weekend! wooooo. 


October 24, 2012

but seriously, important question. I've been on the hunt for a comfy fall sweater and found myself adding these to my wishlist. maybe I'll just leave them for around the house...

photos from here, here, here, here, & here


October 21, 2012

 this happened (Iike I promised)
 and it was quite possibly the most magical night of my life. 
a few reasons why:

  • the show started with a costume contest hosted by a drag queen (sebastian won)
  • everyone was given a bag with a gold crown, bubbles, a glow stick, a pearl necklace, firecrackers, and a plastic fork aka a dinglehopper
  • the entire theatre sang part of your world with every fiber of their being.
  • we ended the night at orphan andy's and some chicken fried steak.


October 18, 2012

1 even though it's warm, it sure does look like fall around here.
2  kate turned  3 yesterday! 
3 waking up to this pawing at my face.
4 pumpkins! I'm always tempted to get the ugly bumpy ones because no one loves them. 

also, I've crossed off a few more things on my fall to-do list,
but still have sooo much more to do. 

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October 15, 2012

I spent my saturday in the mission with alisa and megan,
 thrifting for our halloween costumes and stuffing our faces with delicious indian food.
 seriously - udupi palace. the best mango lassi of my liiiiiife. 
the mission district is so colorful. 
awesome thrift stores and cafes, street art, and basically every type of food you can imagine. 
I was so busy having magical girl time that I didn't make the apple pie 
like I talked about...sigh. 
caught a matinee of argo which was really good!
my work week is looking pretty darn hectic, so send me good juju, will you? thanks, love.

hope you had a great weekend! 


October 12, 2012

is that outrageous? are you judging me? do you see how the bacon is glistening? if you don't like bacon, I'm not sure sure if we can be friends. even my vegetarian and vegan friends agree that it looks and smells delicious. or they're just lying to me. 
brendan is on a train after work for sacramento for some time with his fam. I'm gonna try and squeeze in a girls night! and also take over our apartment with all my secret single girl behaviorread: eating in bed and watching bad 90's WB dramas. I also need to hit up some thrift stores for my halloween costume...in other news, I organized our closet by color and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. like, I'm glad that all my blue things are together, but if I don't have a light in my closet is there really a point? you know what the solution is here? having a walk-in closet. bam! easy as pie. 

mmmm, pie. maybe I'll cross one off my fall to-do list.


October 11, 2012

let me preface this by saying that in my six years of living on my own, I've been incredibly spoiled with awesome roommates. I've lived with a smorgasbord of ladies, somehow managing to avoid the crazies, the screamers and the ones who don't shower. and if I've learned anything from living on my own it's that MOM I'M SORRY I NEVER TOOK OUT THE TRASH ENOUGH. 

I'm writing this from one of the 3 couches in our living room, in our pink apartment in san francisco. (yes, we have three couches. yes, two of them are from the street. that's el-cheapo twentysomething livin', y'all.) and the pink exterior is the only girly thing about this house. a few things about living with 3 guys (brendan being one of them)...

  • they don't take stuff personally. if I'm like, "hey, clean your dishes." they're like "oh, my bad. sure."
  • they appreciate baked goods. they're not dieting and don't judge me for baking cookies at midnight. in fact, they're usually pretty psyched about it.
  • they're always down to rearrange furniture. 
  • they're easily impressed with my knowledge of housekeeping tips (microwaving lemon water for easier cleaning? genius!)
  • if you guilt them enough, they will watch nora ephron movies with you. I don't have to guilt them to watch vampire diaries or bad girls club, though. 
  • they don't get mad at me about my chore wheel. well, at least not to my face. 
  • they're all about convenience. if that means leaving cupboards open for easier access or permanently leaving the pam out on the counter or everyone sharing the same egg skillet. even if that means that I'm constantly putting the pam away / closing cupboards / washing that effing egg skillet.
  • they take the organizing of their video games and DVDs very seriously. 
  • you're going to be constantly tripping over cords and game controllers. 
  • you will have a big lebowski poster in your living room.
  • when you introduce things to them like scented candles, soft toilet paper and winter bedding, their mind is blown. and it's pretty adorable.

p.s. this above photo pretty accurately describes most weeknights. I'm in my robe, they're in normal clothes. because for most men, casual clothes and comfy clothes are the same thing. because they don't wear spanx to work. 


October 8, 2012

I spent the weekend with my favorite two little people. two days with them is a recipe for non-stop giggling and chasing and projectile vomiting. well, that only happened once. (sorry jack. I could have sworn I burped you properly the first time.) they are the perfect solution for when life starts throwing you crazy things and you need to hit the pause button. my sister and her hubby make cute babies, no? not that I'm biased or anything. ;)

p.s. kate showing me the halloween decorations and tell me to "be gentle" with them was the most adorable thing ever.


October 3, 2012

1 pumpkin spice latte + red lip = fall day
2 intimate commuting, whether I like it or not.
3 polka dot! a minor obsession.
4 if I squint my eyes this looks like "derp".
5 looper was so good. not like JGL's SNL appearance made me biased... 
6 sigh, no one builds with brick anymore
7 me and flapjack!
8 happy hour with my ladies
9 animal collective at the fox
10 it was a long day.

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October 1, 2012

you have the first squash of the season with a little brown sugar and butter and it just hit you to your core with warm cozy awesomeness?

something yellow and cheery adds some whimsy to your average monday?

the only cure for a saturday night is a breakfast burrito sunday morning?

you're tired and cranky and something like this makes you smile?

when you look at your calendar and OMG it's october?!?!
seriously, 2012. slow your roll. and last but not least...

when you're getting your brows done and the woman suggests you get your lip waxed too? anybody?! yes, that happened. yes, I was mortified. and yes, my upper lip is peach fuzz free. huzzah.

hope your weekend was dandy! 
happy monday & happy october!

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