October 26, 2012

1 I’m grateful for my future, and all it’s endless possibilities.
2 I’m grateful for that one song that you can put on when you’re in a weird place, and it makes you feel like yourself. instantly.
3 I’m grateful for the free warm buttery croissants I’ve been getting all week. (thank you, clients who don’t show for breakfast)
4 I’m grateful for my warm fall coat that hides all those free croissants.
5 I’m grateful for netflix and wireless internet.
6 I’m grateful for the love of my amazing (seriously UH-mazing) friends and family.
7 I’m grateful for that feeling when it’s freezing out and you’ve got your hot mug in between your hands and the warmth makes you all tingly.
8 I’m grateful for the san francisco giants, for making my evening commute an adventure on game nights. 
9 I’m grateful for lydia and her snuggling skills. I’d like to think that I’ve taught her well, but I think she just has great snuggle instincts.
10 and last (but not least) I'm grateful that it's FRIDAY and I have it don't have to work today. and that I get too see my cute littles this weekend! wooooo. 

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