October 12, 2012

is that outrageous? are you judging me? do you see how the bacon is glistening? if you don't like bacon, I'm not sure sure if we can be friends. even my vegetarian and vegan friends agree that it looks and smells delicious. or they're just lying to me. 
brendan is on a train after work for sacramento for some time with his fam. I'm gonna try and squeeze in a girls night! and also take over our apartment with all my secret single girl behaviorread: eating in bed and watching bad 90's WB dramas. I also need to hit up some thrift stores for my halloween costume...in other news, I organized our closet by color and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. like, I'm glad that all my blue things are together, but if I don't have a light in my closet is there really a point? you know what the solution is here? having a walk-in closet. bam! easy as pie. 

mmmm, pie. maybe I'll cross one off my fall to-do list.

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megan golden said...

Meeting Taza was an absolute dream! I really hope you get the chance someday :)


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