October 3, 2012

1 pumpkin spice latte + red lip = fall day
2 intimate commuting, whether I like it or not.
3 polka dot! a minor obsession.
4 if I squint my eyes this looks like "derp".
5 looper was so good. not like JGL's SNL appearance made me biased... 
6 sigh, no one builds with brick anymore
7 me and flapjack!
8 happy hour with my ladies
9 animal collective at the fox
10 it was a long day.

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5 reviews:

Mayette Villanueva said...

That skirt! So beauts. And UGH JGL, making my heart skip a beat! Your kitty is pretty colors.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Is that your cat? Soo cute, he's definitely relaxed!

molly pinto said...

yes, Michelle! haha. she loves to sleep like that.

molly pinto said...

and Mayette - the skirt is from Windsor. :)

Mayette Villanueva said...

...the prom dress store?!

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