October 3, 2012

1 pumpkin spice latte + red lip = fall day
2 intimate commuting, whether I like it or not.
3 polka dot! a minor obsession.
4 if I squint my eyes this looks like "derp".
5 looper was so good. not like JGL's SNL appearance made me biased... 
6 sigh, no one builds with brick anymore
7 me and flapjack!
8 happy hour with my ladies
9 animal collective at the fox
10 it was a long day.

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5 reviews:

Unknown said...

That skirt! So beauts. And UGH JGL, making my heart skip a beat! Your kitty is pretty colors.

Michelle said...

Is that your cat? Soo cute, he's definitely relaxed!

molly pinto said...

yes, Michelle! haha. she loves to sleep like that.

molly pinto said...

and Mayette - the skirt is from Windsor. :)

Unknown said...

...the prom dress store?!

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