October 30, 2012

I try to keep it real in this little corner of the interweb.  This last month has been the hardest of my life. There have been many ups and downs and a whole lot of anxiety.  A lot of grey area. What I do know is that now I find myself to be suddenly...single. Currently watching a lot of romcoms, drinking a lot of wine, talking to my amazing girlfriends and family, and trying to remember how I got through this the first time. 

even though I feel like this right now...

I know I'll feel like this eventually.
and maybe even this, again.
all a girl can do is dream and march on. 


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megan golden said...

stay positive! the world loves you :)



Marty J. Christopher said...

I am so sorry. That sucks. One day you will feel better. Like anything, it just takes time. Hang in there!

molly pinto said...

Thanks, ladies. That day can't get here soon enough. ;)

Unknown said...

agree with the previous comments--you're fab and you will make it through this! <3

Trina said...

Somebody better ring the alarm, 'cause I'm about to tear this up.

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