October 11, 2012

let me preface this by saying that in my six years of living on my own, I've been incredibly spoiled with awesome roommates. I've lived with a smorgasbord of ladies, somehow managing to avoid the crazies, the screamers and the ones who don't shower. and if I've learned anything from living on my own it's that MOM I'M SORRY I NEVER TOOK OUT THE TRASH ENOUGH. 

I'm writing this from one of the 3 couches in our living room, in our pink apartment in san francisco. (yes, we have three couches. yes, two of them are from the street. that's el-cheapo twentysomething livin', y'all.) and the pink exterior is the only girly thing about this house. a few things about living with 3 guys (brendan being one of them)...

  • they don't take stuff personally. if I'm like, "hey, clean your dishes." they're like "oh, my bad. sure."
  • they appreciate baked goods. they're not dieting and don't judge me for baking cookies at midnight. in fact, they're usually pretty psyched about it.
  • they're always down to rearrange furniture. 
  • they're easily impressed with my knowledge of housekeeping tips (microwaving lemon water for easier cleaning? genius!)
  • if you guilt them enough, they will watch nora ephron movies with you. I don't have to guilt them to watch vampire diaries or bad girls club, though. 
  • they don't get mad at me about my chore wheel. well, at least not to my face. 
  • they're all about convenience. if that means leaving cupboards open for easier access or permanently leaving the pam out on the counter or everyone sharing the same egg skillet. even if that means that I'm constantly putting the pam away / closing cupboards / washing that effing egg skillet.
  • they take the organizing of their video games and DVDs very seriously. 
  • you're going to be constantly tripping over cords and game controllers. 
  • you will have a big lebowski poster in your living room.
  • when you introduce things to them like scented candles, soft toilet paper and winter bedding, their mind is blown. and it's pretty adorable.

p.s. this above photo pretty accurately describes most weeknights. I'm in my robe, they're in normal clothes. because for most men, casual clothes and comfy clothes are the same thing. because they don't wear spanx to work. 

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Trina said...

Dying at this list. I love your apartment though. For three boys, it's surprisingly clean.

luckyducky said...

Realized after writing this comment on Tumblr that I could leave it on your actual blog:

you wear spanx to work? that’s dedication. I usually only wear mine to fancy parties where I drink too much and then pull them off in a drunken fury in the women’s restroom then shove them in my coat pocket.

molly pinto said...

haha. BRI!! love you. I have a really comfy pair of spanx / biker shorts that I rock whenever I wear skirts. they're not my "kill me now" spanx. I reserve those for very special occasions. today I'm jeans-ing it. ;)

JP said...

You forgot to mention always feeling protected. But I love living with dudes! I'm so glad you're appreciative and get to experience it

his little lady said...

Ha, loved this post! And it's true, guys ACTUALLY love Vampire Diaries. I can't tell you how many times my hubby has talked about the season premiere for this week. Too funny!
xo TJ

Marty J. Christopher said...

This is hilarious! All of my boyfriends who had male roommates are described in this post. So is growing up with three brothers. Replace you with my mother and BAM! you've just described my childhood watching my mother constantly pick up after 3 teenage/college-age boys. Nice post!

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