October 1, 2012

you have the first squash of the season with a little brown sugar and butter and it just hit you to your core with warm cozy awesomeness?

something yellow and cheery adds some whimsy to your average monday?

the only cure for a saturday night is a breakfast burrito sunday morning?

you're tired and cranky and something like this makes you smile?

when you look at your calendar and OMG it's october?!?!
seriously, 2012. slow your roll. and last but not least...

when you're getting your brows done and the woman suggests you get your lip waxed too? anybody?! yes, that happened. yes, I was mortified. and yes, my upper lip is peach fuzz free. huzzah.

hope your weekend was dandy! 
happy monday & happy october!

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Trina said...

UMMMMMMMM what a traumatizing thing to hear while getting your brows done. She probably says that to everyone to get an extra service out of them!

I want your SF weather right now, just so you know. I'm dying here. And I've never had squash like that, but it looks gooooood.

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