November 1, 2012

a newly single human must remember / relearn:

how to sleep alone. learn how to take over the whole bed, and steal all the covers

how to be approachable at bars and not give off that "I'm in a committed relationship" vibe

how to reclaim songs and give them new memories

how to not plan meals for two in my head when I'm at the grocery store

how to call him "ex"

that I am wonderful. and worthy of true, clear love. 

happy monday, friends. xo

4 reviews:

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

it is always hard to "relearn" those things. hope you're doing ok. sending you good thoughts + vibes :)

Dana said...

Change, no matter what it is, is always hard. Keep yourself busy with loved ones and friends!! Hope you're having a good monday as well.

Trina said...

You are the best!

Brighid said...

Throw your emotions into a break up movie. Mine was How Do You Know, and a friend watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall ad nauseum. Good luck, lady.

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