November 5, 2012

news flash - I ate a lot this weekend. it was totally justified though...saturday was national sandwich day! yes, it's a thing. naturally I celebrated with a going home for thanksgiving from ike's (and crossed that off my fall to-do list). that night megan and I ate at straw, a whimsical carnival-inspired restaurant in hayes valley. we're talking a tilt-a-whirl love seat serving as a booth, cotton candy cocktails, goldfish cracker appetizers and WAFFLE MONTE CRISTOS. no, your eyes are not deceiving you. and duh, mason jars. because everything adorable and whimsical today gets served in mason jars. 

happy monday! what did you do this weekend?

the list that megan is holding is the lady boner 12. 
sometimes I'm randomly inspired to make lists on restaurant napkins.
it's kinda my thing. did we forget anyone on the list? 

4 reviews:

JP said...

I think Thor (Chris Hemsworth) or even Loki (dare I?!) deserves a spot on that list. nerd alert.

Dana said...

This post makes me incredibly hungry.

Brighid said...

contenders for lady bonerage:
bill hader
john kransinski
dave eggers

molly pinto said...

@Brighid - Bill Hader. How could I forget him?! And Jim Halpert aka John Krasinski is on there. I think it's at the bottom of the photo...delightful suggestions. Well done.

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