December 8, 2012

(insert super cheesy quote about this being where the magic happens)

reclaiming the bedroom after a breakup can be a very difficult thing. you have memories in the bed, in the furniture you perhaps picked out together, in the pictures on your nightstand. I guess the silver lining of all this is that I get to have an entirely new home to call my own. I even have a new bed and sheets that I'm breaking in all by my happy little self. here are the first photos of my room looking decent in daylight (thanks to daylight savings time, I leave for work and come home in the dark).

this move could not have happened without megan and alisa. what would I do without you two? they volunteered their saturday to help me move in the rain. we somehow managed to get my room painted, and everything moved up the stairs without getting it soaking wet. my first sunday was a lovely revolving door of friends. alisa came over to helped me paint a final coat, claire and conner came over to watch me unpack and witness my first trip to the good life grocery store,  and megan came over for dinner at vega. I'm a lucky girl. looking forward to the things that will come from the happy turquoise room...

hope you're having a good weekend!
I can't believe I've written 100 of these things...

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