December 21, 2012

the youtube christmas party last weekend was so much fun! we had dinner at radius before, all decked out in our 1920's garb. I always appreciate any menu that mentions "pork belly" more than once. it's funny how dressing up affects your eating habits. I think I actually used my napkin more than once that night. the san francisco design center was decked out with bars and photo booths on each floor, and I think these photos are evidence that megan and I took advantage of both. ;)

I leave for washington bright and early sunday morning. so early that when I printed out my itinerary I said out loud MOLLY WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF. crossing my fingers and toes that we'll get a white christmas this year. so, if you know some magical snow dance - that'd be cool if you could do it right now. be prepared for posts upon posts of trees. this will be me for the next week and a half...

and I still have to find a cool 90's costume for the new years eve party! any suggestions? preferably something with glitter?

have a great weekend! xo

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