December 29, 2012

{press play}

I pack my bags and freshly printed college diploma and move to san francisco.

I get a job and feel very grown up about it
I commute to work every day like melanie griffith, but with better hair.

I go to a midnight in paris party. trina went too, but didn't dress up. 
I proceed to wear this dress to every other cocktail event of 2012.

boyfriend and I do domestic things, like talking a lot about duvet covers. 
I talk about being happy a lot. 
we spend our two year anniversary in LA. 

I have the most epic slumber party of my life. 

I see les miserables with claire and we hyperventilate

I turn 23 and start to wear a lot of red lipstick. 
I learn how to make a mean meatloaf and enchiladas

my nephew jack is born. 
niece kate turns 3 and learns how to pick her nose. 

I see animal collective and comedy bang! bang!
I get puked on after the latter by a random guy on the bus. 
no photo for that. only painful memories and pants that were thrown away. 

I spend a lot of time with these amazing girls...
I talk about living with three men

I dress up as annie hall for halloween. 
people either think I'm cross dressing or serving them food. 
the cool people get it. 

the lady boner '12 list makes it's debut at dinner one night. 

no photo for that either - just a broken heart and a lot of packing to adele.
I move out of the pink house in excelsior into a red house in bernal heights. 
I spend november / december watching a lot of girls and navigating the single life

my first proper post-breakup outing is the youtube holiday party. it's 1920's themed. megan and I take advantage of the open bar and photo booth

I spend christmas with my mom and sisters in washington. 
we do a lot of posing in leopard print. 

the end. 

I keep thinking about where I was last new year's eve. I had just graduated college and was in the process of moving to SF. I remember the dress I was wearing, where we had dinner, and how loud and fast my heart was pounding when the ball dropped. I knew that 2012 was going to be a huge year in my life. little did I know what that truly meant. 

2012, you have taught me a lot about myself. you taught me that my instincts are pretty fucking spot on. you taught me that things don't always end up the way I have them neatly mapped out in my head. you have taught me to live in the moment and be present and not always be thinking about the answer to that dreaded question : where do you see yourself in five years? you have reminded me that I'm 23 years old and I don't have to have everything together already. that now, more than ever, is the time to be young and wild and free. you reminded me of what's important. you taught me what I don't want. and you reminded me of what I've wanted all along. and that I can get through anything. and slowly but surely... my life is starting to look like my life again. 

as the fabulous joan holloway said, "1960, I am so over you."

2013, BRING IT ON. 

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Unknown said...

2012 was a great year for you in important ways. What you learned about yourself is significant and key in moving forward!! You are amazing!!

Little Tranquility said...

Your Annie Hall costume RULES!

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