January 16, 2013

who hits the snooze button 5 times
who goes to town on a hot dog with no shame
who gets busted for singing in the shower
who twirls her hair on a first date
who hails a taxi instead of taking the bus, just because she feels like it. 

5 reviews:

Alli said...

Cheers to eating a hot dog with no shame and hitting the snooze button as long as necessary.

molly pinto said...

yeahhh @Alli. hot dog solidarity. you should make one of these!

Trina said...

I have 6 different alarms set on my phone, does that count as hitting the snooze button?

Makenna Haramia said...

Yeah! This is a great post and picture!

molly pinto said...

@Trina, yes it is. and thanks Makenna! :)

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