January 11, 2013

whenever I'm visiting my mom I make it a point to take the ferry into seattle and go to pike's market. sure, it's toursity - but it's such a classic seattle experience. and I'm a creature of habit.  also I like delicious things. SO SUE ME, ok?
things you will find at pike place market...
giant elephant-sized garlic
giant elephant-sized crab
the freshest coffee that believe it or not, is not starbucks
a man playing an old piano on a cobblestone street
ridiculous baked goods
amazing macaroni and cheese from beecher's 
(I could have eaten an elephant-sized portion)

4 reviews:

Octavia said...

My boyfriend and I end up going to the market all the time. I usually take a ton of pictures even though we've lived here for 3 years and it makes me feel like a tourist.

molly pinto said...

Haha. I know, my sisters are like MOLLY, stop making us look like tourists. Seattle's great, huh?

Trina said...

Beecher's. I'm dying just thinking about it.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I love Pike Place Market, Beechers and Le Panier Bakery are my favorite spots.

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