January 21, 2013

friday night I saw zero dark thirty at the kabuki,
and had delicious papardelle at emmy's spaghetti shack.
jax came to town! so naturally that meant margaritas at the latin american,
and brunch at the liberty cafe.
we came across my dream dog pairing : a frenchie and a pug.
one day, I will have one of each and you will be best friends. 
wandered around mission thrift stores, but with no luck
I discovered this little square of cement on my sidewalk.
happy monday.

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ARP said...

Looks like you had a sparkly, glittery, magical weekend! I love the picture of the mannequins with sheep masks. So good!

Also, how was Zero Dark Thirty? I have been thinking about seeing it, but am worried it might be too intense for me to handle.

molly pinto said...

I thought it was really well done. It's very long, almost three hours. The violence and torture depicted in the first hour is very realistic and at times hard to watch. But the performances were solid. I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding how realistic the film really was, and that it's perpetuating the message that torture is an effective means to an end. Bigelow made a statement to the LA Times that I thought was spot on-->> http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-0116-bigelow-zero-dark-thirty-20130116,0,5937785.story

Alli said...

That is the most magical piece of sidewalk I have ever seen!


Dallin Stokes said...

Amazing shots!

JP said...

love you!

ARP said...

@Molly Pinto: Thanks for the link to that article! I find it so bizarre that people thought the director was in some way condoning torture because it was present in her film. She was just telling a story and, unfortunately, that was part of it.

Even though the film sounds deeply interesting I still don't know if I am going to see it just because I am extremely sensitive to anything involving torture. Maybe I will wait for it to come out on DVD that way I can just stop it instead of having to walk out of the theater.

Dana said...

I love finding random little sidewalk words like that. Sweet surprises.

molly pinto said...

@Dana it's kinda magical, huh? :)

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