February 12, 2013

my first trip to new york in 1995. 

last thursday night, I caught a red-eye flight to new york city. this ticket was an impulse buy last october, thanks to a small bonus at work and many other tiny stars that aligned to spell out GO TO NEW YORK and just my luck, being the california girl that I am who's never known a true winter, it was the weekend of (gasp) snow. and it was magic. and I loved it. 

I'd been to new york before, but this was the first trip where I was 1) over the age of 18, 2) not with a parent and 3) not staying in new jersey. I stayed with my glorious hostess / tour guide / friend lauren in  lower manhattan. we painted our nails, we ordered in, we talked about boys, we went to central park, we drank champagne at alexis bittar, we rode the subway, we had bloody mary's at cookshop in chelsea and ruebens at katz's deli in the lower east side. I hailed my very first new york city taxi cab. (mind you, I do this all the time in san francisco but there's just something so iconic about it being a new york taxi and having to fight for it, you know? on that note, let me say that new york taxi drivers are leaps and bounds nicer than san francisco drivers.)

I wandered, I drank coffee. I tried to envision a life there. new york is a city that I've romanticized in my head for the majority of my life. I've always loved the vibrancy and creativity and history of it. (and of course, in my head I'm a romantic comedy heroine and all romcoms take place in new york.) I was expecting to feel that tugging at my heart strings, that ache in my chest that I've felt before when I've thought about moving there. but I didn't feel it. san francisco is making me pretty darn happy right now, so maybe a raincheck, new york? you're a peach. 

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Octavia said...

This sounds like such a wonderful getaway!

Also, I feel like I would totally prefer the Bay Area to New york. My boyfriend's originally from marin, so we sometimes talk about moving back there after college.

Lexanna allen-phillips said...

love your blog! looks like it's freezing cold over there- it's cold over here in england!
newest follower!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that re-do of the picture in front of Macy's! It should be submitted to their advertising team or something! haha. Glad you enjoyed, and that the snow wasn't bad enough to ruin your trip.

molly pinto said...

@octavia Marin is lovely! Expensive but then again, so is SF. and thank you, @lexanna and @newyorknonsense!

ARP said...

I love taking trips! It is so nice to leave life as you know it behind for a little while and go on an adventure. It looks like you had a wonderful time in New York! That mug of hot chocolate looks amazing!

I have actually never been a huge fan of NYC. I grew up in a city and prefer cities to towns, but New York is just a bit too overwhelming for me. My favorite city in the states is definitely San Francisco, the weather is always nice and there is just such a wonderful vibe radiating from the people here. Glad to hear San Francisco is making you happy right now!

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