February 18, 2013

greg arrived at my door on valentine's day with flowers, wine, and homemade chocolate covered strawberries. we spent the night cooking dinner in my tiny kitchen, just the two of us. talking and laughing and drinking wine and smiling a lot the way people in that new warm fuzzy phase smile. he is sweet and genuine and funny. here he is busting out the saxophone...representing former band nerds everywhere. just a man and his sax.

2 reviews:

ARP said...

Aw, sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day! And, oh my goodness, homemade chocolate covered strawberries? YUM!

That's a really great picture of Greg and his sax, there is so much emotion there. You can tell he really loves that instrument. Looking forward to hearing more about Greg :)

molly pinto said...

Haha. I said the same thing. I was like, "man, you're really feeling it in this photo." :)

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