March 30, 2013

hope your easter weekend is amazeballs. 
I know mine will be, because I'll FINALLY get to have
 burgers, fries, and ice cream.
 because I gave them up for lent. 
because I'm a crazy person. 


March 28, 2013

"I feel almost embarrassed revealing this, because the genre has been so degraded in the past twenty years that saying you like romantic comedies is essentially an admission of mild stupidity." -mindy kaling 

I just finished reading mindy kaling's book is everyone hanging out without me? and being my soul sister that she is, she touches heavily on her love for romantic comedies. (this chapter can be found here, as published in the new yorker.) when I was 10 years old, my favorite movie was when harry met sally. I strangely identified with the story of two thirtysomethings searching for love. I was like, "hey meg ryan, I get it. it's rough out there." that movie was the beginning of my heavy romanticization of new york city, my desire to drink bloody mary's on planes and my newfound confidence in asking for things "on the side". also, it solidified my ultimate dream of attending a fancy new year's eve party where I can wear long black gloves and sing auld lang syne at midnight. 

in no particular order...

(clears throat) ahem
the classic.

"and it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's new year's eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."                                             -when harry met sally

b. jones, my gurl. this is a must watch after a break up / at christmas / any time you're in your pj's drinking wine.

"I don't think you're an idiot at all. I mean, there are elements of the ridiculous about you. Your mother's pretty interesting. And you really are an appallingly bad public speaker...But the thing is, um, what I'm trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you, very much. Just as you are."    
 -bridget jones's diary

how swoon-worthy is john cusack in this movie? 

"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen." -say anything

"love is too weak a word for what I feel. I luuuurve you, I loave you, I luff you. two F's, yes." -annie hall

the movie that taught me to crave daisies in the spring and bouquets of sharpened pencils in the fall.

"I would have asked for your number, and I wouldn’t have been able to wait twenty-four hours before calling you and saying, “hey, how about… oh, how about some coffee or, you know, drinks or dinner or a movie… for as long as we both shall live?”      -you've got mail

did I leave anything out? 

*let it also be noted that the men in my life appreciate a good romcom. my father can quote nora ephron movies like nobody's business and greg, on our first date, told me that he liked you've got mail more than sleepless in seattle. and I melted into a little puddle under the table.*


March 25, 2013

cafe rolle, omggggg
my nephew jack, sweet boy!
morning hair with my munch.
drinks at shady lady
not from this weekend, just being really mature at sonic. you know.
I brought greg home to sacramento with me this weekend, and boy, did we make the rounds. we hung out with my family, he met my niece and nephew, we had sushi and drinks with my friends, I exposed him to cafe rolle's deliciousness. we finished out sunday with dinner at my dad & stepmom's. there's just something about watching your guy play with your niece in her princess castle, or seeing him across the room totally engulfed in a conversation about movies and music with your dad, hand gestures flying and all. also, kate asked to give him a kiss when he said goodbye to her, so I think the feeling is mutual. ;)

hope you had a great weekend! 


March 20, 2013

time for cute window displays at heartfelt,
 sunday strolls in my sunglasses, 
peach tea with mint,
 no more tights and some happy tunes
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March 14, 2013

little bits of spring are starting to pop up all over san francisco! I love seeing white and pink blossoms everywhere. it makes the city look like a rococo painting. if you know me in real life (is this real life?) or follow me on twitter, you'll know that my phone was stolen last week. right from my hands on the bus on the way home from work. so let me take this time to jump on my soapbox and tell you to put your phone away while you're on public transportation, especially if you're sitting next to a door, especially if the bus is stopped. especially if you have an iphone.

getting a new iphone would have cost me a bajillion (okay, $800) dollars and I was like hayyyyullll-no so to get the price lowered to a number that didn't give me a heart attack, I got a landline. and how cute is my new pink phone? is it sad how excited I am to take calls on it? my heart skips a beat when I hear that old fashioned bell ring. who could it be? no caller ID, man. it's an adventure.


March 12, 2013

here's to the girl...
who is really good at giving directions, even if she can't tell left from right.
who calls her grandma multiple times a day.
who likes her burger rarer than most.
who plays peek-a-boo with babies in public, until their parents notice.
who gets irrational joy out of grocery shopping.

(a night with trina includes massive amounts
 of nail polish, pink andre, and trash tv. 
you can find her blogging here!)


March 9, 2013

thank you for teaching me to be creative and independent,
how to sew, cut in, remove wallpaper, stain floors, and say random things in danish.
thank you for painting little lady bugs on the walls in my bedroom for me to find.
thank you for teaching me the importance of travel and adventure
and for always knowing what looks good on me. 
you're usually right. it's annoying. 
thank you for listening and always knowing the right thing to say. 
thank you for not teaching me how to cook.
thank you for being who you are, and for being my mama!
I love you, higher than the sky. 



March 8, 2013

things that are making my friday:
kidnapping greg for 2.5 days
we are all elaine on the inside.
the discovery of haim (thanks jax!)
I get to see my niece, nephew and sisters this weekend!  
oh, and I'm getting ike's on saturday.

happy friday!


March 4, 2013

sooo many leftovers from my new york and monterey adventures!
fancy a follow? I'm @mollykpinto on instagram. 

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