March 25, 2013

cafe rolle, omggggg
my nephew jack, sweet boy!
morning hair with my munch.
drinks at shady lady
not from this weekend, just being really mature at sonic. you know.
I brought greg home to sacramento with me this weekend, and boy, did we make the rounds. we hung out with my family, he met my niece and nephew, we had sushi and drinks with my friends, I exposed him to cafe rolle's deliciousness. we finished out sunday with dinner at my dad & stepmom's. there's just something about watching your guy play with your niece in her princess castle, or seeing him across the room totally engulfed in a conversation about movies and music with your dad, hand gestures flying and all. also, kate asked to give him a kiss when he said goodbye to her, so I think the feeling is mutual. ;)

hope you had a great weekend! 

3 reviews:

Michelle said...

what a cute nephew!

henning love said...

your nephew is darling! that is so sweet kate asked for a kiss, sounds like it was a good weekend overall

molly pinto said...

Thanks Michelle! I'm totally biased, but he's adorable. And yes Meg, it was her seal of approval. She's hard to win over! haha.

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