March 14, 2013

little bits of spring are starting to pop up all over san francisco! I love seeing white and pink blossoms everywhere. it makes the city look like a rococo painting. if you know me in real life (is this real life?) or follow me on twitter, you'll know that my phone was stolen last week. right from my hands on the bus on the way home from work. so let me take this time to jump on my soapbox and tell you to put your phone away while you're on public transportation, especially if you're sitting next to a door, especially if the bus is stopped. especially if you have an iphone.

getting a new iphone would have cost me a bajillion (okay, $800) dollars and I was like hayyyyullll-no so to get the price lowered to a number that didn't give me a heart attack, I got a landline. and how cute is my new pink phone? is it sad how excited I am to take calls on it? my heart skips a beat when I hear that old fashioned bell ring. who could it be? no caller ID, man. it's an adventure.

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Trina said...

I can hear you "hayyyyullll-no" exactly as it would be said out loud. I hope the person who stole your phone burns for it.

little lady said...

I have the same exact phone! :)

molly pinto said...

@Little Lady - great minds! haha. I love it. and @Trina yes and yes. I'm glad you could hear me say it.

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