April 20, 2013

chin up, cute stuff.

man, this week. am I right? sometimes when it's just one horrible thing after another horrible thing, it's hard to keep your chin up. whether you're a giant country made up of billions of people or just one tiny person in the blur of it all. it's hard to keep your chin up. it's hard to see that beyond the tragedies that happened this week, there is goodness. so let me tell you a little bit about my friday, and why it was good. 

I woke up late. decided not to wash my hair as I was going to spin class after work with tanya and megan. decided that because it was friday, I was going to be casjjj. (that's how I spell the shortened version of "casual", or the casual version of "casual".) I wore my striped shirt, my black jeans, my blue converse high tops, and my jean jacket. I decided that because the sun was shining and the sky was so blue and I would treat myself to a full fat (what???!!) latte from the liberty cafe.

a quick note about the liberty cafe on cortland avenue. I've only been there for brunch, but to the right of the restaurant entrance is a long hallway. that hallway takes you back to a patio / outdoor eating area where you can brunch outside, and they also project cute movies like sixteen candles drive-in style. as your make your way across the patio, there is a small cafe, that was obviously once an adorable house. I'm guessing built sometime in the 1930's based on it's charming archways. 

there are rugged wooden floors that you can tell have been scruffed up by many a pair of shoes. I like to think that the scuffs are from high heels that had a great time at a party in its heyday.  and there is a giant window in the back that lets in enormous amounts of natural light. and there's a little table in front of that window, which you can tell is the coveted table. it's the kind of cafe that, in a glorious world where I have my weekday mornings free, I would curl up with my notepad or a good book and my vanilla latte and make a beeline for the table by the window.

so to recap, clear blue skies, it's friday, it's warm, I got my latte and hail a cab. about halfway through the ride, I realized that the driver wasn't running the toll. he dropped me off and when I asked him what I owe, he said "don't worry about it. this one's on me. have a great weekend." FREE CAB RIDE?! day made. 

two more reasons why today was good:
1    I met up with an old friend from college at the ferry building. we ate chili fries and sat outside and talked about how weird and grown up we felt. 
2    at the drugstore I stood next to a man in line wearing a sweatshirt that said "chubby guys cuddle better". 

have a great weekend and pay it forward, friends. xo

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Michelle {lovely little things} said...

sorry about the tough week, but that picture is too cute!

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