April 29, 2013

1 jean jacket is perfect for may nights that feel like summer. 2 these red cat eyes are so fun! 3 comfy keds + polka dots = love. 4 a cute sundress you could wear with sandals during the day and heels at night if you're dining at club 33. 5 lip balm is a must, especially with spf. 6 a classic striped tee. 7 bright red pants are fun and a little retro. 8 saltwaters are classic and comfortable. and water friendly. hello, splash mountain! 9 hand sanitizer. children. germs. 10 more polka dots. I mean, how can you not? 11 spf, all day, erry day. everyone I know has gotten a sunburn at disneyland once and I refuse to join that club. 12 a cross body bag that can fit the essentials, while looking cute with many things, while not being so precious that if a kid spills a slushie on it, you'll scream.

We leave in exactly 25 days! I'm not excited or anything... ;)

p.s. update! good luck finding that polka dot dress because the Duchess Kate Middleton herself wore it last week!

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Trina said...

I'm so jealous!

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