May 8, 2013

Life has been pretty darn hectic around these parts!

Between work being insanely busy, prepping for big girl things like my first annual review, spending time with sir gregory, helping to plan (remotely) my cousin mollie’s bachelorette weekend, mother’s day (with   divorced parents that means twice the mother’s day festivities), and planning our trip to disneyland / LA at the end of the month….crazy town over here. but we did have a little date at vega last night. give me pizza and wine and my fella and I’m a happy girl.

*the title of this post is dedicated to the hilarious cab driver, julio, who knew every word to that selena gomez song and sang it with such commitment and latin soul. it made my morning. shine on, you crazy diamond, julio!

2 reviews:

little lady said...

your Saltwaters are super cute! I've been meaning to try 'em out :)

molly pinto said...

thanks little lady! they are INSANELY comfortable.

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