May 1, 2013

the meek mansion in hayward

eating ice cream before a 5K is a great idea, right?
sunday night it was nice enough to eat outside.
the white blossoms are gone. full fledged greenery outside my window.

we spent some time on sunday in hayward daydreaming that the meek mansion was ours. it's pretty and old and was unfortunately not open, but that didn't stop us from taking endless photos on the porch. :) don't you just love old houses? I can't wait to have one (albeit a smaller one) one day. 

san francisco is being kinda bipolar weather-wise right now. I will be teased with glorious 75 degree weather and then BAM it's cold again. why you play me like that, san fran? cooler weather in general is nice, but I'm starting to miss having seasons. I used to get so excited when it was cold enough to bust out my fall coat. now I do that year round, so...needless to say that moment is a bit lackluster now. *sigh* I'll take my sunny days when I can get 'em. 

happy may!

2 reviews:

Trina said...

Your new place seriously looks so freaking cute. And dining outdoors excuse me I want to do that now.

molly pinto said...

Trina you have to come overrrrr! I miss you and Ry Baby like crazy!

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