June 28, 2013

a few things:

- this mad men tumblr is one of the best things I've ever seen.
- the big pride parade is this weekend, and there is so much to celebrate. this city is going to be INSANE, hopefully not muni-bus-burning-of-the-2012-world-series insane, but happy-lovey-joyful-glitter-fabulous insane.
- a double date tonight with megan and matt (tonga rooooom!)

hope you have a great weekend!


June 26, 2013

have picnics (bring red and white gingham blankets)
eat a lot of creme brulee and watermelon
wear stripes and red like it's my job
go to the beach and wiggle your toes in the sand. 
buy too many cheap sunglasses and break at least one pair 
go through a "fruity tea" phase. right now it's mint and peaches in mine, constantly
do a cannonball off a diving board
bake a lot of pies, particularly apple pie, because it's american and greg's favorite
listen to the beach boys and best coast on repeat
endure a summer rainstorm
go outside and get a little color on your face
play in the sprinklers (points if with children or in a bathing suit)
read a good book
go to a bajillion weddings
walk barefoot on the grass

did I forget to mention "sweat your ass off?" ;)


June 23, 2013

pass me those biscuits. mmmmmm. 

our boys!

I started my weekend off with a stomach bug all day friday. (bless you, 24 hour illnesses, but also - stay the eff away from me.) saturday morning, we met up with some of my dearest college friends for brunch at bacon & butter in midtown sacramento. it was family style, so pretty much all you can eat amaretto french toast and biscuits and gravy. and bacon, of course. :)

happy summer and happy monday! I'm off to order nachos from the taqueria down the hill...


June 19, 2013

happy father's day, daddy. thanks for teaching me that it's cool to do my own thing. xoxoxo. 


June 14, 2013

I know everyone insists that their niece is the coolest, but I really mean it. KATE IS THE COOLEST.
so cool that she can steal my sunglasses all day and I'm totally fine with it. 
(toddler imitation is the highest form of flattery)
I was laying out and I open my eyes to find her next to me like this:

look at those hands on the hips. such toddler swagger. 

she went naked because she forgot her swimsuit. oh, to be a three-year-old again, when it's still acceptable to skinny dip at family functions.

also, my little blog here turned 1 last week! thanks for reading along, mom. and any other folks out there ;) 

happy friday!
this weekend I plan on making a cherry pie. if I type this now I will be forced to live up to it. 


June 11, 2013


after a whopping three days in disneyland, we decided to stick around and explore LA a bit. I was born in burbank and raised in the san fernando valley, which makes me a legit valley girl. (hair toss)

we did some touristy stuff like go to the bradbury building. it’s a beautiful old building in downtown LA where movies like the artist, blade runner and 500 days of summer were filmed. greg was stoked to be that much more intimate with harrison ford. we walked through the original farmer’s market in fairfax, where I used to eat lunch as a little girl because it was right across the street from my dad’s office.  

food-wise, we didn’t have nearly as much time as I wanted. I had like 17 meals planned when we only had time for 3. we did lido’s pizza, most amazing pizza you will ever have in your life. I know a lot of people say that but I really mean it. THA BEST. it’s a hole in the wall place in van nuys so you have to venture into kinda sketch town (this is my favorite piece on van nuys) but it is so unbelievably worth it. my cousin sara got to join us and I hadn’t seen her in a bajillion years. boo, distance.

we ate at phillipe’s, which claims to have the original french dip sandwich. I love a good landmark restaurant. they’re usually pretty old school; cash only, very set in their ways and always a little ornery. greg and I were pretty bummed to find out that they don’t give you any au jus with your sandwich (they’re pre-dipped but just barely). 90% of the joy of eating a french dip is dipping it in the au jus! we’ve dubbed phillipe’s “no au jus for you” a la seinfeld’s soup nazi episode.

The most exciting thing we did was go to the stanley kubrick exhibit at the LACMA. holy coconuts. literally, every artifact from the shining, clockwork orange, 2001, production photos from lolita, all of the lenses he used, original script treatments with his notes scribbled all over. I think we nerded out for at least two hours.

there were moments when were would be driving around and we would look at each other and I'd say "hey! we're gonna live here!" and he'd say back in his deep voice "hey! yeah, I know!" and it just got me crazy excited to start this next chapter of my life, especially with that sweet, goofy, red-scruffed guy. and then we'd both smile and he'd kiss my hand and we would keep driving.

it’s become a tradition to end our trips to LA with brunch at bob’s big boy. bob was my first love and I have all sorts of crazy memories eating there as a little girl. I might have gotten a side of pancakes with my big boy burger. and maybe a milkshake...maybe. yes. 

see ya later, LA. 


June 4, 2013

I'm alliiiiiiive! greg and I disappeared to disneyland / los angeles for a whole week. this was the longest vacation I have ever taken in my adult life without my parents, not on christmas. and boy, was it wonderful. it was so nice to spend a whole week straight with greg; no work, no commuting, no roommates, just being present with each other. a few things that affirmed my love for this man: 1) his use of the words "magical", "delightful", and "whimsical". 2) his air piano skills in most ABBA songs 3) his need for dessert after every meal 4) his general kindness and openness to others. a little boy in line behind us on the indiana jones ride was scared, and he knelt down and explained to him what would happen on the ride, that he was scared when he first went on it too. it was just all kinds of adorable.

a few things:
1) the carousel horse I'm riding is julie andrew's personal horse. like, they gave it to her and she rides it whenever she comes to disneyland. so naturally I made a beeline for it (she is blue and pink with gold bells on it, because of course). my childhood has now come full circle.

2) they invited us into the wheelhouse of the mark twain boat! we signed the registry, got to ring the bells and whistles and steer the ship. and by steer I mean "steer". of course I took my role very seriously and a little too seriously, seeing as greg told me later that day that it runs on a track. I died a little inside.

3) how do you say "churro"? greg says "chuhr-row" and I get really spicy with it and say "choorrrr-row". it became kinda the great debate of the trip.

so, photos?

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