June 26, 2013

have picnics (bring red and white gingham blankets)
eat a lot of creme brulee and watermelon
wear stripes and red like it's my job
go to the beach and wiggle your toes in the sand. 
buy too many cheap sunglasses and break at least one pair 
go through a "fruity tea" phase. right now it's mint and peaches in mine, constantly
do a cannonball off a diving board
bake a lot of pies, particularly apple pie, because it's american and greg's favorite
listen to the beach boys and best coast on repeat
endure a summer rainstorm
go outside and get a little color on your face
play in the sprinklers (points if with children or in a bathing suit)
read a good book
go to a bajillion weddings
walk barefoot on the grass

did I forget to mention "sweat your ass off?" ;)

3 reviews:

Michelle said...

especially love your resolution to eat lots of creme brûlée and watermelon :)

Dana said...

How do you do summer in the city?? This raining weather has been depressing me :(

molly pinto said...

@dana I know :( it's been really nice the last few days! I get my summer kicks in Tahoe and when I go to central CA to visit my dad.

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