June 23, 2013

pass me those biscuits. mmmmmm. 

our boys!

I started my weekend off with a stomach bug all day friday. (bless you, 24 hour illnesses, but also - stay the eff away from me.) saturday morning, we met up with some of my dearest college friends for brunch at bacon & butter in midtown sacramento. it was family style, so pretty much all you can eat amaretto french toast and biscuits and gravy. and bacon, of course. :)

happy summer and happy monday! I'm off to order nachos from the taqueria down the hill...

5 reviews:

Michelle said...

glad you got over the stomach bug to enjoy the week/weekend!

Dana said...

Family style brunch? Thats an awesome concept.

molly pinto said...

Dana, it kinda rocked my world! and Thanks Michelle! xoxo

Unknown said...

Deee-licious!! I've had dinner and I'm in bed but this picture is making my greedy-self long for brunch tomorrow, haha!
Your shirt is lovely Molly and your hair is so shiny - bit jealous!


molly pinto said...

you are too kind, Flora!! and I hope you ended up getting your brunch on. :)

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