June 4, 2013

I'm alliiiiiiive! greg and I disappeared to disneyland / los angeles for a whole week. this was the longest vacation I have ever taken in my adult life without my parents, not on christmas. and boy, was it wonderful. it was so nice to spend a whole week straight with greg; no work, no commuting, no roommates, just being present with each other. a few things that affirmed my love for this man: 1) his use of the words "magical", "delightful", and "whimsical". 2) his air piano skills in most ABBA songs 3) his need for dessert after every meal 4) his general kindness and openness to others. a little boy in line behind us on the indiana jones ride was scared, and he knelt down and explained to him what would happen on the ride, that he was scared when he first went on it too. it was just all kinds of adorable.

a few things:
1) the carousel horse I'm riding is julie andrew's personal horse. like, they gave it to her and she rides it whenever she comes to disneyland. so naturally I made a beeline for it (she is blue and pink with gold bells on it, because of course). my childhood has now come full circle.

2) they invited us into the wheelhouse of the mark twain boat! we signed the registry, got to ring the bells and whistles and steer the ship. and by steer I mean "steer". of course I took my role very seriously and a little too seriously, seeing as greg told me later that day that it runs on a track. I died a little inside.

3) how do you say "churro"? greg says "chuhr-row" and I get really spicy with it and say "choorrrr-row". it became kinda the great debate of the trip.

so, photos?

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Unknown said...

Sounds like it was a magical trip indeed! Loved that Greg comforted that boy! :-) Loved the picture of you in mouse ears. And you got to "drive" a boat!! Ii don't care what Greg says - you drove, you steered it and it went someplace!

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