July 31, 2013

so july continues to be a crazy month! I just got back from tahoe with greg and his family, and it was just what I needed. wake up, go down to the beach, swim in that crazy clear blue water that tahoe is famous for. it was so wonderful to not have any worries for a while, to have someone cook for you every night, to play board games, and watch old movies. also I went parasailing! 800 feet! ohmyjesus! more pictures to come, until then, I'm getting on yet another flight to TX for mollie's wedding this weekend.

it's been great jetting off somewhere every weekend but I can't wait to just hang out in my apartment and not. do. anything. although I did get a taste of that last weekend when greg forced me to watch all of the LOTR movies. my eyes hurt. 

a few thing:

I've started a board on escaping and I find myself lusting after airstreams most days. 
dick van dyke dancing. very important. 


July 19, 2013

my cousin mollie is getting married! (yes, we have the same name. yes, we went to high school together. and lived together, and it can be confusing! which is why we call her "mollie bird" and me "molly karina". THANKS MOM.)

her bachelorette weekend was is austin, tx - so I left my 67 degree breezy SF and hopped on a redeye to a humid 102. austin is super fun / humid / dangerous. by dangerous, I mean I got a tattoo here on a whim, at the wee age of 16. did I mention I was on a school trip? my mom ended up liking the tattoo (and thank goodness, I still do) so my attempt to rebel was really quite pathetic.

bottom line: that's what austin does to me. it brings out my crazy, tattoo-getting, southern wild side; the molly who drinks shiner bock and wears cowboy boots and says "y'all".

anyway, isn't she gorgeous? and yes, that is a picture of keanu reeves taped to her dress. because keanu.

in all seriousness, because he was her celebrity crush when we were 14. to a pretty embarrassing point in fact, but I won't out the specifics of it here (cough slideshow) because she's my cousin (cough set to music) and I love her. :) her sister and I cut out tons of photos of him, inlcuding "sad keanu" and placed them all over the house. I highly recommend this for all future bachelorette parties (feel free to replace keanu with another heartthrob, he's not really my flavor personally) but mollie made us carefully remove them so she can put them in her house. we'll see how her fiance feels about that. something tells me he's not gonna be cool wit it.

 happy keanu bringing flowers // sad keanu on a shelf

we went to gourdough's. holy custard. I waited in line for 20 minutes but it was so unbelievably worth it. I know I say this about most food trucks, but I mean it. for reals.

the son of a peach, the motherclucker, and the flying pig. the heavens opened along with my mouth, and all was right in the world. I forgot about how f-ing hot I was.

also we got tacos, because as everyone knows, austinites love tacos. who doesn't like tacos? I mean really? if you don't like tacos, I don't think I can be friends with you.

I got to spend a little chill time with my friend samantha. we went to college together, studied abroad together, and she showed me a few of her favorite spots. isn't it crazy how you can not see someone for three years and in an instant, pick up where you left off? I'm so grateful for her friendship. she keeps it real.

my best friend madeline made these amazing sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies! also these super cute party gifts for everyone who came. ear plugs, advil, false eye lashes, you name it. I designed the koozies and t-shirts! madeline is a mean baker. I've already asked for her secret chocolate chip recipe, but she refused. I'll break her down slowly...

can I just say, I was way too excited for a normal person to drive by whataburger. I have so many late night college memories in the drive thru. also memories of the college 30. until we meet again, my late night lover...

love you, bird. so happy for you and I had such a great weekend! see you in 2 weeks for your big day! I know joel is going to be your husband for eternity but keanu will be your lover forever. 

happy friday! 

p.s. I'm sorry this post has the attention span of a toddler. I've been planning a big event at work which is tomorrow, and I'm also leaving for tahoe with greg tomorrow! so packing and lots of triple checking things went on while writing this. or maybe no one noticed and this is just the usual for me. derp.


July 16, 2013

I just got back from my cousin's bachelorette weekend in austin! so many pictures to post. until then, here's nicholas cage as all your favorite disney princesses and going to the gym as told by cats.

if you need me, I'll be running around like a crazy person at work.


July 9, 2013

I'm 24. I'm twennnntyyyfoooooour. that sounds very strange to say. I still feel like such a baby. I guess when you spend the majority of your life wanting to be older, finally arriving at that destination is a little strange. 24 is officially the last year of my early twenties, so basically I have one more year to do something stupid that I can write off as "I was dumb, I did that when I was 24". if you think of any cool ideas to aid me in my early twentysomething rebellion, let me know.

my birthday was hot. like 107 degrees. hot as balls, really. that's not a very ladylike way of putting it but sometimes in that heat where no amount of clothing is comfortable, it's the only way. I spent the day with greg and my family, bbq-ing, beer-sippin, and swimming. my sister olivia made me the cake that my mama used to make on my birthday: angel food with cool whip and an american flag made of fruit. because I'm a firecracker babyyyyyy. yeah, americuh!

the day after my birthday, I went with greg's family up to forest hill for his cousin's wedding. the view was incredible! you could see the peaks of lake tahoe, it was so magical. weddings turn me into a ball of mush. true love and good lighting and free champagne... congrats katie & kevin!

hope you had a fabulous 4th of july!! 
and are staying relatively cool and sane. :)


July 1, 2013

happy monday and happy july!

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