July 31, 2013

so july continues to be a crazy month! I just got back from tahoe with greg and his family, and it was just what I needed. wake up, go down to the beach, swim in that crazy clear blue water that tahoe is famous for. it was so wonderful to not have any worries for a while, to have someone cook for you every night, to play board games, and watch old movies. also I went parasailing! 800 feet! ohmyjesus! more pictures to come, until then, I'm getting on yet another flight to TX for mollie's wedding this weekend.

it's been great jetting off somewhere every weekend but I can't wait to just hang out in my apartment and not. do. anything. although I did get a taste of that last weekend when greg forced me to watch all of the LOTR movies. my eyes hurt. 

a few thing:

I've started a board on escaping and I find myself lusting after airstreams most days. 
dick van dyke dancing. very important. 

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